Geological Services

Geological Services

A Complete Range of Geological Services

SCAL, Inc. provides determination of lithology, diagenesis, diagenetic sequence and reservoir properties through geological description, analysis and thin section petrography of conventional core, drilled sidewall cores and cuttings. Integration with XRD and SEM analysis furnishes an operationally focused reservoir characterization. The integration of geological studies with routine and special core analysis renders a robust representation of the present reservoir character, calibration of wireline log response and the potential for drilling, completion or production formation damage.

This integration simultaneously documents rock fabric, thereby, permitting reconstruction of the depositional setting and diagenetic history. Visualization of the original depositional environment and diagenetic overprint are critical to development and testing of predictive models for oil and gas exploration.

Geo Services

Surveying Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

The handheld GR-130 miniSPEC allows the user to detect radioactive material and aut omatically identify the presence of radioactive nuclides.


Core Description
Visual examination and description of lithology, diagenetic features, visible porosity and interpreted depositional facies. Includes core photographs of major features.


Thin Section Petrography

Thin section preparation. Includes blue florescent epoxy impregnation and calcite staining.

Detailed petrographic description: includes detailed description of mineralogy, texture, porosity and impact of diagenetic processes on reservoir quality; point count analysis (250 points) and 4 color photomicrographs.

General petrographic description: includes general description of lithology, mineralogy, texture porosity, and 4 color photomicrographs.

X-ray Diffraction Analysis
Bulk mineral analysis only, Clay mineral analysis only, or Combined Bulk & Clay Analysis


Scanning Electron Microscopy

Formation Damage Potential


Integrated Petrology Analysis


Integration of petrology with routine and special core analysis





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30th Anniversary: 1989-201925

2019 marks the 30th year in operation for Midland-based Special Core Analysis Laboratiories, Inc. (SCAL, Inc.). We are proud to celebrate this anniversary by celebrating the people that enable our success - you, our clients!

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