About SCAL, Inc.


Our History

For the past 28 years, SCAL, Inc. (Special Core Analysis Laboratories, Inc.) has focused on delivering value through technical excellence and innovation. Because we are a small, independent company, we go the extra mile, serving our clients by customizing the right solutions to meet their needs. Our turnaround times are some of the fastest in the industry, and we take pride in the quality of our analytic capabilities.


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30th Anniversary: 1989-201925

2019 marks the 30th year in operation for Midland-based Special Core Analysis Laboratiories, Inc. (SCAL, Inc.). We are proud to celebrate this anniversary by celebrating the people that enable our success - you, our clients!

Our Services

For over 25 years, Special Core Analysis Laboratories, Inc. has delivered exceptional value to our loyal clients. We provide our cost-effective solutions to optimize your decison-making:

- Unconventional Quick-Desorption™ Complete Shale Analysis

- PVT Laboratory Services for Shale Liquid Systems

- Conventional Core Analysis

- Special Core Analysis

- Enhanced Oil Recovery Services

- Geological Services

- Equipment Design and Training Services

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