A History of Trust

The foundation of our value to our Clients lies in trust - the trust that we will maintain the utmost confidentiality in the treatment and the storage of all the information that we receive from our participating clients. SCAL, Inc. has strictly enforced, well-defined, security procedures for processing confidential information. We have also closely scrutinized the employees who work with client data.

We never forget that our entire business is built on your trust.


Partial Client List

ABB Oil Company
Abraxas Petroleum Corporation
Adam Praisnar, Jr.
Alaska Structural Inspections
Alaska Testlab
Allegro Operating, Inc.
Amarada Hess Corporation
Amerac (Unit Corporation)
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Andalusia Petroleum Services
Anderman Oil
Anschutz Exploration Corporation
Apache Corporation
Approach Operating, LLC
Arch Petroleum
ARI Advanced Resources Internation
Aspect Energy
Athlon Energy
Atlantic Operating, Inc.
Ballard Petroleum, LLC.
Bankers Petroleum
Banner Resources, LLC.
BASA Resources, Inc.
Bass Petroleum
BC Operating, Inc
Beach Exploration, Inc.
Belport Oil, Inc
Bennett Expl. & Prod. Co.
Berry Petroleum Company
BJ Services
BlueRidge Petroleum Corporation
Bonneville Fuels Corporation
Boyd & McWilliams
Brammer Energy
Bravo Natural Resources
BreitBurn Operating
Bridwell Oil Company
Brigadier Operating, LLC.
Brigham Resources
Bright & Company, LLC.
Browning Oil Company, Inc
BSP Operating, LLC
Burk Royalty Company
Burlington Resources, Inc
Burnett Oil Company
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Callon Petroleum
Camden Resources, Inc.
Camterra Resources, Inc
Cano Petroleum C/O NBI Services
Capitan Energy, Inc.
Capstone Natural Resources, LLC
Castaneda Consulting
Catalyst Oilfield Services
Caza Petroleum
Celero Energy
Chaparral Energy, LLC
Chemplex LLC
Chesapeake Energy
Chi Energy, Inc.
Chisholm Operating, Inc.
Choice Exploration, Inc.
Cholla Petroleum, Inc.
Chuck Pearson & Associates
Cimarex Energy Company
Cisco Energy, LLC
Citation Oil & Gas Corporation
Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.
Clearfork Resources, LLC
CMS Oil & Gas
Cole Consulting Corporation
Common Resources III
Concho Oil & Gas Operating LLC
Conoco Phillips
Continental Resources,Inc.
Core Mongers
Corex LTD
Corlena Oil Company
Cornerstone Exploration & Production
Costilla Petroleum Corporation
Covenant Operating, LLC.
Crown Energy, Inc.
CrownQuest Operating, LLC
Dakota Resources
Dallas Production
David H. Arrington Oil and Gas
Denbury Onshore LLC (Encore)
Devon Energy Production Company, L.P.
Dowell Schlumberger
Dowl Engineers
D-S. Engineering
Duke Energy
DYAD Petroleum Company
Eagle Oil & Gas Company
Earth Mining Corporation
Echo Production Company
Ed Patton Oil Company
Edge Petroleum Operating Co., Inc
Element Petroleum
Elevation Resources, LLC.
Encana Oil & Gas, Inc
Encon Services
Encore Energy
Endeavor Energy (LCX)
Endurance Resources
Enduring Resources
Energy Production Corporation (Big Star)
Environmental Lab of Texas I, LTD
EOG Resources
Escondido Resources II, LLC
Everquest Energy Corporation
EW Energy, LLC
ExL Petroleum
Exxon Mobil
Fairway Links Energy, Inc.
Fasken Oil & Ranch, Ltd.
Finley Resources
Five Stones Energy, LLC
Forest Oil
Forge Energy
Four Sevens Operating Co., Ltd
Frontier Chemical
Gateway Producing Company
George R. Dreher
Geoscience Consulting
Global Energy
Global Marine Exploration, Inc
GMT Exploration Company
GO Engineered Products
Great Western Drilling Company
Greystone Oil & Gas, LLP
Gunn Oil Company
H & L Exploration Company, LLC
H & M Resources, Inc.
H.L. Brown Operating, LLC
Hadaway Consulting & Engineering, LLC.
Harvard Petroleum Company
Hendricks and Associates, Inc.
Henry Petroleum Corporation
Henry Resources
HEYCO Harvey E. Yates Company
HGN Operating I, LLC.
Hibernia Resources
High Plains Exploration Company
HighMount Exploration & Production
Holmes Exploration
Hunt Marcellus Operating Co. LLC
IBEX Resources, LLC
ICA Energy
Intoil, Inc.
IPR Transoil Corporation
J. Cleo Thompson
James L. Lamb, Jr.
Jetta Operating Company, Inc.
John C. Halepaska & Associates
Jones Energy
Juno Operating, LLC.
Kaiser Francis Oil Company
Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation
Keystone Petroleum
Kinder Morgan Production Company LP.
La Roca Energy
Laddex, Ltd.
Laredo Petroleum Inc.
Latigo Petroleum
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LCS Production Company
Legacy Reserves Operating,LP
Lewis Petro properties, Inc.
Lime Rock Resources II-A, L.P.
Limestone Exploration II, LLC
Linn Operating
Lion Production, Inc.
LK Energy, LLC.
Louis H. Taylor
Lynx Operating
M.W. Petroleum
Magnum Hunter Resources
Mallon Oil Company
Manhattan Petroleum
Manzano Oil Corporation
Mar Oil & Gas Corporation
Maralo, LLC
Marbet, LLC
Marbob Energy Corporation
Mariner Energy, Inc.
Marshall R. Young Company
Matador Petroleum Corporation
Mayne & Mertz, Inc
McCabe Energy, Inc.
McClure Oil Company
McGhee Exploration & Production Company
McMurry Energy Company
Meadco Properties
Medicine Bow Energy Corporation
Meridian Resource & Exploration LLC
Merit Energy Company
Mewbourne Oil Company
MidCon Energy
Midenergy Operating, LLC.
Mid-States Operating Company
MLC Operating, LP
Mobil Exploration & Production U.S. Inc.
Momentum Energy Corporation
Murchison Oil & Gas, Inc.
Myco Industries, Inc.
Nadel & Gussman Permian, LLC.
National Energy
Nearburg Producing Company
New Dominion, LLC
Northern Illinois Gas Company
Northstar Operating Company
Nova Star
Occidental Permian Ltd.
OGX Resources (Concho)
Ohio River Clean Fuels LLC
Oklahoma Oil Company
Omni Laboratories
Orion Exploration, LLC
Paladin Energy Corporation
Palisades Operating
Panther Energy Company, LLC
Parallel Petroleum Corporation
Parsley Energy
Patterson Petroleum, LP
Pearl Resources LLC
Penwell Energy, Inc.
Perenco LLC
Petro Reservoir Characterization, Inc.
Petro-Hunt, LLC.
Phoenix PetroCorp, Inc.
Piedra Resources
Pioneer Natural Resources
Plantation Petroleum
Pogo Producing Company
Precision Core Analysis
Prime Operating Company
Priority Oil and Gas Company
PTS (Petroleum Testing Services)
Pure Energy Operating, Inc.
Purvis Oil Corporation
QEP Energy Company
Quantum Resources
Questa Engineering Corp
Questar Exploration & Production Company
Rand Paulson Oil, Inc.
Range Resources Corporation
RB Operating Company
Read and Stevens, Inc.
Reatta Energy Inc
Red Technology Alliance, LLC
Redbud Exploration & Production
Redfork Energy
Regency Gas Services WAHA, LP
Reliance Energy
Reliant Holdings, Ltd
Rendova Oil Company
Reno Refractories
Resolute Energy
Rising Star Services
RKI Exploration & Production, LLC.
RLL Enterprises
RMR Operating
Robert Glaser
Roff Operating Company
Rosewood Resources
Saga Petroleum
Sage Energy
Sahara Operating Company
Samson Resources
SandRidge Energy, Inc
Santa Fe Petroleum
Scott T Hickman & Associates, Inc.
Scout Energy Partners
SDX Resources, Inc.
Seaboard Oil Co.
Sebring Exploration
Seely Oil Company
Sha-Jam Operating
Sharp Image Energy, Inc.
Shemen Oil & Gas Resources, Ltd
Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation
Siete Oil and Gas
Silver Creek Oil & Gas
Snow Oil & Gas
Sojourner Drilling Corp (Range Resources)
Sonat Exploration Company
Southwest Royalties, Inc.
Southwestern Energy Production
SPI Operations LLC
Stallion Energy, LLC.
Standard Geological Services
Stanolind Oil & Gas
Strand Energy, L.C.
Strata Production Company
Sulphur River Exploration, Inc.
Symskaya Exploration, Inc.
T.L.L.C. Vanyoganneft
Talisman Energy, Inc.
Tall City Exploration
Tamarack Petroleum Company, Inc.
Team CO2
Tema Oil & Gas Company
Territory Resources, LLC
Texas Energy Operations, LC
The Discovery Group, Inc
Thermax Inc
Three Rivers Operating, Inc.
Tom Brown, Inc.
Tom Markham
Torch Energy Advisors
Trail Mountain Inc
TRC Environmental Corporation
Trek Oil and Gas
Trilogy Operating
Trinity Oil
Tro-Jon Manufacturing Corp.
True Oil Company
TTU (Texas Tech University)
Tumbleweed Resources, LLC
Union Oil Company of California
Unit Petroleum Company
University of Missouri-Rolla
University of Wyoming
UPR (Union Pacific Railroad)
Vantage Energy
Velvet Energy
Ventex Oil & Gas
Veritas Energy
V-F Petroleum, Inc.
Vintage Petroleum
Wagner and Brown, LTD
Walsh Petroleum
Walter Exploration Company
Warren American Oil Co.
West Inland Energy, Inc.
West Virginia University
Westech Energy Corporation
Western Michigan University
Western Reserves Oil Company, Inc
Whiting O & G Corporation
Wiley Brown
Williams Oil Company
Woolsey Operating Company, LLC
WTG Exploration
XTO Energy, Inc.
Yates Drilling Company
Yates Petroleum
Yucca Energy, Inc.
Zebra Investments, Inc.



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30th Anniversary: 1989-201925

2019 marks the 30th year in operation for Midland-based Special Core Analysis Laboratiories, Inc. (SCAL, Inc.). We are proud to celebrate this anniversary by celebrating the people that enable our success - you, our clients!

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- The Dual Drop Method Wettability Measurement and Treating Fluid Optimization WTGS 2015

- From Nano-Gas to Commercial Oil and Gas WTGS 2014

- Measuring Gas to Find Shale Oil Generation

- Compaction Model for Oil and Gas Generation in Shale WTGS 2011

- Shale Analysis Presentation AAPG 2010

- Quick-Desorption™ Automated Shale Gas Desorption and Tight Rock Analysis: Sorption Isotherms Performed on Rotary Sidewall Cores